Earn rewards by spreading the benefits of staking with Lido.

Whitelist mode is on

Connect your Ethereum wallet to see existing rewards. The Lido referral program will transition to 'whitelist mode' starting from
13.09 / 00:00 UTC. Whitelisted referral partners approved by the Lido DAO will be eligible for rewards. All rewards earned before 13.09 can be claimed via DeversiFi from 20.09. Thank you for participating!


How many rewards do I get when someone stakes with my link?
A referral receives 1% payback in LDO of the ETH staked with their referral link. Referral reward amount in LDO is calculated each payout week based on ETH/USD and LDO/USD 14 days (whole referral period) TWAP to be 1% payback. The minimum reward amount is 5 LDO and the maximum reward amount is 20 LDO per 1 ETH staked. See terms and conditions for more details.